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E-Bike: All Electric Bicycle, No Pedals!

Electric Bicycle No Pedals

My daughter might have been the only person in Maine and perhaps the USA or even the world to take an ebike with no pedals to school. She is a trendsetter and a generous person. She didn't mind being unique and she enjoyed letting others at her school try it out. She is now working at a very successful start-up company called and she is involved with starting up a new company that sells audible books called

One of my design goals for this ebike was to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. This would ensure a safe, smooth and fun ride. After some thought there was simply no other place to put the heavy lead-acid batteries except below the rider's feet. The pedals had to go. But one 300 watt hub motor would not be enough to propel the bike up some of the steep hills we have in Orono Maine. So I purchased another hub motor for the rear tire. The next goal was to develop a way to install 60 pounds of batteries on the bike.

ebike batteries

I bought some galvanized angle steel and made a tray for the six 12 volt 12AH batteries. You can see part of that black angle steel bolted to the bike frame where the pedal axle would go. I then attached the back of the battery tray to the rear of the bike with turnbuckles. I covered the battery box with 6X6 square rigid board used for covering 4X4 wood posts and cut it in half so that they were L shaped. These made a good foot rest.

bike seat

The elevated position of the feet on the battery box meant a traditional seat would have to be mounted high on the seat post. I wanted a low bike rider feel, with a low center of gravity, so that the rider could sit back comfortably and enjoy the ride. I opted for an old-fashion Sting-Ray bicycle banana seat. I mounted it by using two hollow rectangular aluminum bars as shown in the above picture. The seat also serves as a partial splash guard above the rear tire.

ebike controls

I thought about designing a single control for both hub motors but ended up with this simple solution. One of the throttles is a twist grip and the other is thumb throttle. They both mounted nicely on the handle bar and twisting both at the same time is a natural action.

ebike keys
The last step is to turn the keys to start. Both hub motor kits came with key switches. I mounted both on the handlebars and I was ready for a no-sweat and quiet test ride along the streets of Orono Maine, to the University and back. One thing to be aware of though, the ebike is very quiet and fast, you are sitting low and you are not pedaling, so cars and people might filter you out of sight when they look your way. Basically you are in stealth mode. I almost had a police car cut in front of me when I was travelling along the side of the road on one of my first rides. I might add a flashing bright LED light to the front and rear just to be safe.