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Professional Experience:

2008 –  Founded Flexor Energy Company

1995 –  Now:  Instrumentation and Research Associate and Graduate Faculty Instructor in Chemistry Department at University of Maine

1992 – 1995: Created MicroPhysics: An award-winning computer software/hardware business.

1988 – 1991: Teaching and Research Assistant, Physics Department, University of Maine

1985 – 1987: Computer Science/Math/Structural Engineering Teacher, Southern Maine Tech.

1983 – 1985: Pulsar Research Project in AstroPhysics at UVM and Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

1982 – 1983: Computer Science Teacher, Champlaign College, Burlington Vermont


2010: Circular Grating Spectrometer

2008: Flexor Wind System


Master of Engineering (Engineering Physics) 1991 University of Maine

Bachelor of Science (Engineering Physics) University of Maine

Associate of Science (Civil Engineering Tech.) University of Maine

Current Projects

Flexor Energy Technology

Cryofocussing Techniques in Mass Spectroscopy.

Analytical FT Graduate Lab

Raman and Fluorescence Design

Metal Doped Zeolites and Photochemical Processes.

Inter-Chem-Net: Incorporating networked instrumentation in a Chemistry Lab.

Other Creative Accomplishments

Instrumentation Workshop Series for Chemistry Department (21 Topics )

Restoration of Raman, FTIR, Fluorescence spectrometers

Interchemnet Software Development

Developed: Mass Identification Smart Tool Software for MS analysis

Developed: Interactive Quantum Electrodynamic Interference Pattern Software Tool

Developed: Interactive Gaussian Peak Deconvolution Software Tool

MicroPhysics award winning PC Science Lab. Computers in Physics, Vol. 7, No. 6, P. 653.

Energy Production and Storage.

Geothermal Heat Pump, EBike

Applying a Physics Analogy to Teaching and Learning.


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