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Personal plows are convenient but they can damage your truck or SUV. These plows can place large forces on the front end of an SUV or truck. The front end hitch mount on my Ford Escape bent slightly downward over time on a bumpy road. Before serious problems developed I implemented this unusual but surprisingly strong fix.

Plow Support

The cantilevered plow is now supported by two flat straps.

Download Plow014.JPG

Straps on Hood

The flat straps rest on the hood of the SUV, distributing the tangential load along the hood. Rubber stops under the hood where the straps are support the force of the straps. Most of the load is in tension in the straps.

Download Plow015.JPG

Load on Cab Frame

Most of the load is placed on the cab frame. The load of 100 pounds or so can be handled by these points on the frame. The straps are only used to raise the 200 pound plow, so the straps, which spec at 3300 pounds in tension, and the frame can handle the load. This assumes that one does not travel rapidly along a bumpy road where the plow will bounce and increase the operating loads.

Download Plow018.JPG

Inside the Cab

The strap goes across the dash but places very little perpendicular load on the dash in a Ford Escape.

Download Plow022.JPG

Strap Connection

The strap connects to the upper winch assembly. The winch controls the height of the lower plow assembly. I used an eyebolt and two links of a chain to connect the upper assembly to the straps. The straps with the hand winch cost only $14 at Home Depot. If you are concerned about the cantilevered forces on your vehicle, placing a strap as suggested here might be a good safety precaution, if you don't mind how it looks. I haven't seen any scuff marks on the hood or any bending at all from using this setup. Still I offer no guarantees. Try it at your own risk. Good luck with it.

Download Plow017.JPG