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Skate Sharpener

Skate Sharpener

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Skate sharpening stone bought from Wissota.

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Round Table

2' round counter table cut as shown.

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Mount rod with diamon also bought from Wissota.

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Black Pipe

3/8" black pipe drilled and tapped so that a set screw will hold the diamond rod in place. This also allows the diamond to moved in or out to adjust hollow radius.

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Skate Holder

Skate holder has a thin felt cloth glued to the bottom. The counter table is waxed with furniture wax to allow the skate holder to slide easily across the table.

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Skate Holder Detail

Skate holder is made of a piece of plywood with hardwood glued and bolted to it. A thin rectangular rod is screwed to the hardwood making a firm bottom shelf to hold the skate. Black pipe and a furniture clamp are used to clamp down the skate firmly in place.

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Skate Clamp

The furniture clamp shown here is used to clamp the skate blade in place during sharpening.

Download SkateSharpener010.JPG

Grinder and Table

The standard grinder mounts on an H-bracket made out of 3/4" plywood. The legs of the H have C brackets that clamp each leg to the black iron pipe supports of the table. By loosening the bolts on these 4 C-brackets, the entire grinder can be moved up and down.

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